PDF File Access Note

If you are experiencing some problems displaying documents created in Adobe’s portable document format (PDF) from our web site, please refer to the note below.

Occasionally, certain product version combinations of your internet browser and Adobe’s Acrobat PDF reader plug-in do not display PDF files correctly. When you click on a PDF link you may get a blank document, garbage, or some error message. If you’re experiencing any of these problems the best alternative is to simply right-click on the PDF file link, select “Save Target As…”, and save the file to your local hard disk drive. Once the file has downloaded, launch Adobe’s Acrobat reader and open the file directly.

Also note that the PDF forms we are providing currently do not allow you to fill them in on your computer. They are static forms which require you to print them out and fill-in by hand. We plan to have fill-in-able forms available within the next few months.