Consumer Lending

Consumer Lending in Utah

The Utah Consumer Credit Code, Title 70C of the Utah Code Annotated, governs consumer lending and certain related activities. In general, the following activities conducted with Utah citizens are subject to Utah Consumer Credit Code:

  • Lending for personal, family or household purposes
  • Selling or providing goods or services on a credit basis
  • Making consumer leases or taking assignments of consumer debt
  • Originating or servicing open-end mortgages or second mortgages
  • Lending for manufactured housing or mobile homes that are not permanently affixed
  • Collecting debt arising from consumer credit transactions

If you have questions about whether you are subject to the Utah Consumer Credit Code, please read the following resources.

Those who conduct consumer lending or related activities are responsible to read Title 70C to determine if they are subject to it and to comply accordingly.

Pursuant to Utah Code §70C-1-202(2)(d)(ii)(A), the exemption threshold amount, effective January 1, 2024, is $69,500 (aka Regulation Z Threshold).

Consumer Credit Notification

Anyone engaging in activities subject to the Utah Consumer Credit Code must file the Consumer Credit Notification, or CCN, with this Department. The same CCN form is used for an initial notification and annual renewals. If you will show a DBA on your CCN form, please read the FAQs for important information and instructions.

If you are subject to the Utah Consumer Credit Code, click the following link to download and complete the CCN form. Instructions for filling out and submitting the CCN are found on the form itself and in the FAQs linked below.

Consumer Credit Notification Form Tips

  • The CCN form was last revised in December of 2021. We will not accept older versions of the CCN form.
  • The CCN is an Adobe Acrobat form that needs to be filled out in Adobe Acrobat Reader, not your browser’s PDF viewer.
  • The CCN must be mailed to the mailing address on the CCN or emailed to
  • You must register your business name with the Utah Department of Commerce before you can file a CCN.
  • Before you fill out the CCN form, please read the “INSTRUCTIONS” in the CCN’s top left corner and the FAQs (see links above).
  • To renew your notification, submit an updated CCN between November 1st and January 31st every year. If not renewed, a CCN expires on January 31st.

List of Current Consumer Lenders

Approximately 1,200 consumer lenders have notified this Department they are conducting business with Utah citizens. You may access the list of consumer lenders by clicking below. We update the list once a week.

Browse the list of current Consumer Lenders

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